Real Estate Law of Agency

  In short, under real estate law, it refers to which principal, the buyer or seller that the REALTOR® is working for and providing loyalty to.  Most real estate agents are both buyer's and seller's agents, therefore, creating dual agency.  Under the law, an agent can only provide dual agency - representing both buyer and seller with consent from his/her clients, however, clients must realize that withholding consent is like saying to your real estate agent "Here's the listing on my home, but do not bring your buyer clients".  Or in the case of a buyer client, "Please find me a home but do not show me any of your company's listings". In both cases, as either buyer or seller, it is highly unlikely that you want this, since it defies the law of reason.  That's why dual agency is desirable.

Under real estate law, dual agency can be "limited" whereby an agent can hold in confidence certain matters of importance, to his/her cient, with proper disclosure of this fact to all involved buyer and seller clients.  For further information, contact me at 716 - 3474.

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