Spring has sprung...right? I don't know about you… but by this time of the year, I am sooooo tired of winter. Between the ruts in the road and the drifts in my backyard I'm so ready for the smell of moist soil and colour of spring flowers.
Serious gardeners need to start planning now to get the best start to their gardens. Check out my list of helpful - if not unusual - gardening tips, tricks and tidbits. Did you know:

  • Eggshell halves make a great "pot" in which to start plants indoors. When you put them in the ground, simply crack the shells around the roots - a natural fertilizer.
  • Remember the "R" rule when considering planting or moving a tree or shrub; it's OK to plant or transplant in any month with an "R" in it.
  • If your hands get badly stained from gardening, add a teaspoon of sugar to the soap lather when washing your hands.
  • Plant a few sprigs of dill near your tomato plants to keep tomato worms away.
  • Marigold plants help prevent rodents.
  • The saying "peonies need ants to bloom" is an old wives' tale. Ants just feed on the sap of the unopened bloom.
  • Strawberries, the first fruit to ripen, are actually a member of the rose family -  and the only fruit that has it's seed on the outside.
  • The onion is a lily, botanically.

  • The Daisy got its name because it resembles the sun. Originally called the "day's eye", over time it became daisy.
  • To keep cats from using your garden as a litter basket, cut up pruned rose clippings and spread around problem areas. Cats hate the thorns.
  • Old garden hoses can be cut into pieces to resemble the size of snakes.   Distribute them in strategic areas around your garden to discourage pests (rodents, some birds, etc.) from your garden.  (Position them to look like snakes.)  Take it one step further, if you choose, and paint them with markings that resemble snakes in your area.
  • Save that old empty parmesan cheese shaker – and fill it with a mixture of fine seeds and sand.  Then simply shake to spread the seeds as you’re planting.
  • Broccoli and cauliflower are the only vegetables that are also flowers.
  • When should you transplant trees and shrubs?  Any month that has a “R” in it….September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April.  Never May, June, July or August.
  • Use old hair clips to attach plants to stakes. This works particularly well for tomatoes, dahlias, and even orchids. Just make sure the clip is wide enough for the particular plant stem and that the tines of the clip don't pinch or damage the plant stem.
  • Looking for the perfect plant?


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