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One of the many aspects of the Feng Shui house decorating discipline is the necessity for cleaner air in your enviornment indooors.  In order to achieve and maintain good Chi, it is important that you improve your home's air quality.  The reasoning behind this is because the air your're breathing indoors is more damaging than the outdoor air.

Indoor pollution is a big problem when you're learning how to Feng Shui your space at home or work.  The good news is that there are many inside plants that can help to purify your home's air providing better Chi.

Before getting into a list of indoor plants that clean the air, it's important to realize why you need them.  You'll find that many pollutants indoors are very harmfull called VOC's or volatile organic chemicals.  If you have carpeting, plastic products, products made from synthetic materials and even some plywood types at home, these items slowly brak down releasing the volatile organic chemicals.  There are certain plants that will help purify the air.

Here are a few of the plants for air purification that would be the most beneficial to you.

Boston Fern - This lovely lush green plant is great for removing formaldehyde and various other pollutants from the air.  There are beautifully popular plants that make a space extraordinary; however, the are high maintenance and require daily attention in order to survive.

Rubber Plant - This is another great house plant which works to remove a variety of pollutants.  The rubber plant is very hardy and can stand up against low light and temperatures on the cool side.

Peace Lily - Poplular during Easter, but be sure to grab a few of these pretty flowering plants that get rid of many toxins in your home.

English Ivy - Formaldehyde can't stand up against English Ivy. This plant cleans the air and is simple to grow.

These plants work well for keeping the air clean.  However, it is not a great idea for good Feng Shui to use them in the room you sleep in.  A lot of energy flows through these plants, and when you're sleeping  this energy may distrub you.  They can be used to clean the air and Feng Shui decorating in other parts of your home, just keep them out of your room where you sleep.





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