One Billion Rising Day

I am very much looking forward to this year’s Romance and Roses fundraiser. Romance and Roses is the Mountain Rose Women’s Shelter’s number one annual fundraiser and I would sincerely like to thank those who have attended past years events and intend to attend this year’s fundraiser. This is a great opportunity to help our community work towards putting a stop to domestic violence.

The Mountain Rose Women’s Shelter committee is currently in the process of working out a three year planning strategy towards our goals. Number one of course will be to instigate the development of a larger building to help shelter those in need. Due to the lack of space it is an ongoing tragedy to be forced to turn people in need away from our shelter.

Coming from a background where abuse was part of our lives I feel a great deal of compassion regarding the needs of our shelter and those who seek our aid. When I was in need the counseling and support of the shelter gave me the strength to do what I needed to do to keep my family safe.

I anticipate the seventh annual Romance and Roses fundraiser to be the largest fundraiser for the shelter this year and we need your support to continue this vital service to the community and surrounding areas.

On another note, I would like to impress upon you that February 14, 2013 is not only valentine’s day but also national one billion rising day One Billion Rising Campaign.


Please view the You Tube Link and the newspaper link for more information. In summary this is a movement to express awareness that domestic violence and violence against women are global problems and must be stopped. So on February 14th, step up and step out and show the world that we will not stand for domestic violence. It is not okay. And there is no need to keep it quiet.

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