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Why Real Estate

I have been interested in real estate for as long as I can remember, going through the properties listed in the local Showcase paper was something I always enjoyed reading while enjoying a cup of tea on the weekend. It was a career change I had contemplated for a number of years but I was always hesitant to take that leap. It wasn’t until there was a life altering event, which pushed me to make the decision that now was the time to take that leap and now I am excited to say Here I am!


Professional Work Experience

I have worked for various sized companies over the years in many different business sectors. I have worked in Telecom, manufacturing, wholesale, construction as well as owning my own computer software training company for a number of years. Each of these companies provided me with various skills and I quickly learned what my strengths were and continued to build on them from there. Learning as much as I could about my current job position and how it fit in the overall company picture was always an important factor for me, I always enjoyed learning about the whole process.

With my various work experience I bring some very beneficial skill sets to the table:

Problem Solving: I am very much a solutions person, which could come from working in an accounting capacity for many years and the need for things to balance!  You need to buy, sell or rent I will work with you to find the perfect solution.

Customer Service: This has always been imperative to me, treating people with respect and kindness is ingrained into my daily life, I know how I want to be treated as a customer, to provide anything less would be unacceptable.

Organized: Working in an accounting environment you have to be extremely organized, be able to find documentation easily, be conscious of deadlines. In real estate, you have to be organized to stay on top of the market, know what’s out there for your clients and be on top of timelines.


Personal Interests

I have been enjoying playing organized volleyball through the Brampton Volleyball League, both indoor in the winter and beach in the summer. It is a great way to stay active and meet new people.

I am also learning how to play golf, I’m not very good at it but I am enjoying getting out on the course and spending time with friends, so if you see me on the course …look out.


Personal Background

I’ve called Brampton home since 1991, my husband and I bought our first house in the D section of Bramalea, it was a semi-detached home with a great layout and it needed work. I had moved here from the west end of Toronto, and it was a tremendous adjustment for me going from the big city to the suburbs, the growth in Brampton over the years has been incredible and we seem to have everything we need right here and now that we have a Sephora my daughter is thrilled!




Jodi Galloway

Jodi Galloway

Sales Representative
CENTURY 21 Millennium Inc., Brokerage*
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