The Power of Decisions

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Please forgive me for not posting in awhile, I have been really focused on my clients and personal development.  I want to talk to you about how powerful a decision can be.  We all make decisions on a daily basis, some decisions are easier to make then others, and each decision has a different outcome.  Once you have read this post you will realize that regardless of the outcome of any decision you will feel more content.  I have learned that even the smallest decision creates confidence and is a great stress reliever.  I encourage you to start with small decisions and make them quickly, you will get better at this the more you force yourself to do this.  A great example is "Where would you like to go for dinner"? How many times have you battled back and forth with I don't know where do you want to go?, what do you feel like eating?  The next time this comes up give yourself 30 seconds and state where you will be going.  It seems so simple, and the more you do it the quicker and more effective you will become.  A decision made regardless of the outcome will always create a better outcome then one that was never made.  Another key element to decision making is knowledge.  I am always advising my clients to view a few more houses or to obtain more information so they become more confident in any decision they are making.  It is important to stop and reflect on where you are now and recognize that you would not be there without the decisions you have made, whether good or bad there is always room to make a new decision to change your path or continue to make decisions that will lead you to new levels of success.

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