Roger's Hopedale Mall -Tower - why?

The issue is not about stopping this tower at Hopedale but asking if anymore towers should be built until the major telecommunications companies get together and start sharing the existing towers.

Over the last month, if you live in West Oakville, or you have driven through, you will notice hundreds of signs stating ‘ Stop the Rogers Tower’ on house lawns. This usually means something serious. Since most people do not put signs on their lawns unless they are concerned.
But like a lot of people, I did nothing, assuming that other people would solve the problem for me.  But when I noticed a posting on my friends Facebook  I decided to investigate the tower issue.

What I discovered is that there are four issues; people/environmental effects, the location of the tower, the height and appearance and the number of towers in Oakville.

  1. People/Environment Effects?

What impact will the tower have on local food sources, stores, home grown vegetables and the Farmer’s Market?  

      • The current information states they will have impact on people and the food chain.
      • We can no longer eat fish from the lake.
      • Will we have to shop for food elsewhere and stop growing vegetables within a distance from the tower?
      • Will the Farmer’s market choose to move because of the tower?
  1. Location?

I checked out the locations of other self-standing towers on Speers and discovered that all were located in discrete, now residential areas and behind industrial areas.

        • Why now are they choosing to install a tower in a very residential area?
        • Is there a problem selling the store?
        • Is this a power play to have the city but the building?
  1. Height and Appearance?

These towers are crude and ugly. They may be functional but not pretty (pictures of some of the towers are attached).

  1. Why are there so many towers? I found a website that shows all the towers in Canada. It is worth looking at? I am not sure if we will have enough space for people in Canada with all the towers. There are at least 4 major companies with their own towers in Oakville. Why can’t they share the towers? If all the companies shared than there would be less towers, not one more.

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