Trip to Europe 2014

I had a fantastic trip to Europe with my girlfriend Robyn, and am excited to be back! Although I enjoyed every minute of the trip, it is great to be back, and I am stoked to be back with family, and back to work!

I am writing this blog post to highlight some parts of our trip for those that are considering going to Europe. I will include some “do’s and don’ts” from our experiences and some general advice. Although I could write an endless post about our experiences, I will try to keep this short, sweet, and hopefully informative!

I’ll begin by thanking all my clients for their support that contributed to our trip. Thank you!

First we visited Paris. I am glad to cross Paris off the bucket list and had a great time there.

Do #1: Go see the Eifel tower. Obviously, that’s a given.

Don’t #1: Do not let a Jamaican guy tie a string onto you. He wants money for … coloured dental floss.

Do #2: If with a loved one, go lock in your love at the Lock Bridge.

Don’t #2: Do not pay more than what you want for a “love sketch” of you and your loved one. Maybe 20 Euros is fair? … We paid 30 Euros and that is far too much. I personally would not pay for another one of these for more than 20 Canadian dollars.

Don’t #3: Do not sign any “petitions” from individuals asking if you speak English. I don’t know what these people are trying to accomplish, but they want money and who knows what it is exactly for. We found that Paris had quite a number of people trying to make a dollar from 15 cents. Be aware!

Next we visited Spain, and spent a week in the south. It is beautiful with tons to do. I used an RCI which is available through Century 21 which was VERY affordable accommodations in a nice resort. Contact me if you want any further information regarding RCI’s.

If you plan on renting a car abroad, and think you will need a GPS… buy one before you leave. I rented one for 80 Euros, and am sure one could be bought domestically for equivalent price or less or you can purchase Europe maps to install on your current GPS for less money as well.

We found it quite difficult to take a train in Spain during the rain. Riding a train in a foreign country where the first language is not English is difficult. If you plan on taking a train, do as much planning for this process as possible as it is an EXTREMELY difficult task to “wing”. It cost us about 12 additional hours of travel, and a reasonable amount of extra money had we planned better for this.

We visited Portugal twice, but both visits were quick and I can’t elaborate on it much other than I want to go back and get me some more Portugal!

Lastly we visited Amsterdam. Amazing city! We were there for less than 24 and that was not nearly enough! I want more from Amsterdam and will most definitely return! Put it on your to see list, and go check it out if you haven’t!

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