Life on Lydia (LOL)

LIfe on Lydia (LOL)
This blog is a light hearted look at life on Lydia st (LOL) in Kitchener's East Ward. Several years ago a group of local hipsters thought that the East Ward sounded to industrial for the area and began referring to it as  the East Village . Tee shirts  and a slogan where made up for the cause to re in force the idea . Since no one could decide where the center of this village was the idea faded away. To this day on warm summer evening when the wind is blowing just right a ghostly voice can be heard whispering the words east village on Lydia Street   
The east ward not only Lydia st but also Merner, Samuel , Simeon , Rose , Cameron, Sterling and Pandora just to name  a few . The area is rich in local history with many  of the homes being built by the Schnarr family prior to World War Two. Pride in ownership is evident in these beautiful well kept homes.
The people of Lydia st are a colourful as the local history . The area is a wonderful mix of long time residents and new families. Life is so good on Lydia st that homes stay in families for generations . I am part of the new generation that falls generally into the 35-45 age group (give or take a few years) that feel they are the kings of the street . But no there are a series of elder statesmen (55-75 years )  who are the true kings of Lydia . They have done everything we thinks is cool 25 years ago and are still living the life. Four years ago we had a street party and got permission to close part of the street . We had clowns, a band and all kinds of games for the kids . The street was scheduled to re-open at 6:00 pm , at 5:45 the elder statesman formed a circle in the middle of the street with lawn chairs and coolers. When I informed the men that the street was opening avery loud gruff voice stated THE STREET ISN'T OPENING .  The street remained closed to well past midnight !
Is there a lot of Laughing Out Loud on Lydia St ? You bet there is
Life is sweet on Lydia St  
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