Listing Details are Imperative to Real Estate Sales

Whether your home sells and what it sells for is all about exposure. Real estate sales are like an auction. The more people at the auction the higher the prices are for each item sold. If your Realtor is not well trained to make sure all the right details are in your listing it could cost you money. Here are some examples. If you are selling an acreage that could be subdivided and your Realtor does not advertise that in the right place on the MLS, those buyers would not have access to your listing. If the Realtor puts the word street or avenue in the wrong spot in the address field your listing will not come up when a buyer is searching on your street. If your Realtor lists your property in the wrong property type your listing will not come up when some people look for it. Sometimes Realtors search the remarks for certain words like orchard or suite or horses. If the right words are not worked into the comments your listing does not come up. Making sure that your listing comes up in every possible search by other Realtors is vitally important. There are multiple ways that a listing does not appear when it should. Remember computers can find your listing if it has the right information. At Century 21, we are trained repeatedly in ways to make sure that your listing appears in every possible search it should appear in. If you are thinking of selling your home, give me a call and  find out how this can make a difference for you.

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Joel Ellams

Joel Ellams

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