Blogging....not sure if I am doing this right...Is anyone ??

Since the launch of our website in the past year I have been trying to understand the whole blogging items. I have been told by internet consultants that it is something that we need to do for our customers to understand us more and also to give our own spin on what is happening within the real estate industry.

I have recently been "tagged" by a well known blogger in Charlottetown - Peter Rukavina in what appears to be a online version of tag that asks each person to tell 7 things about themselves and then tag 7 people to do the same. You can read about this here. Althought it may be a new type of "chain letter" I will try this out and let you know a bit of my personality although this may not serve me well for real estate will give you an idea of how I am what I am.

1) I met my wife while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. She is originally from Cape Breton and was there on holidays during her senior year at St FX. When she told her folks she met a guy in the Dominican...I was not what they originally pictured.

2) I once spent a few summers working in a restaraunt in Cavendish calling Bingo, hosting a talent contest for the patrons while they ate and taught them the magical art of spoon playing...(used this as my talent during the abovementioned talent show in Domincan...pretty sure this is what won over my future wife...her folks took a little more)

3) Up until the age of 6 when someone asked me my name I would answer them Joel Edward John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith mom was so proud.

4) I actually still listen to Milli Vanilli from time to time and even though Rob and Fab were impostors..still like the tunes and thought the real singers should have received the Grammy's

5) Once when I was 10 I went with my mother to pick up our phoned in order at a local Chinese food restaraunt and when I asked for the "Order for Ives" I walked out a few minutes later not with Combo #4 for 5 people and extra eggrolls...I had one small order of Fries....learned then and there how important it is to clarify to people what you are looking for.

6) Did not take computer in high school as I didnt think it important at the time and opted for typing (which surprisingly has been a blessing) Did not get over my fear of computers until 1999.

7) While being the organizer for a UPEI spring break ski trip to Quebec City I and another person thought it would be funny to "hijack" our own chartered bus wearing a gas mask that we found in an Army Surplus store and a water pistol. A few minutes later 15 of Quebec City's police cars had us blocked in and questioned us for awhile and advised us to bury the masks and squirt gun....not sure I would get away with this now.

Well not sure if this is the way to play or not but now it is out in the open. All these experiences did make me who I am today and I have not been one to say "Gee...if I could change the past" it is what it is.

So I now tag Robert Dawson, Ed Kohler, Gary Zalepa Jr, Michael LaPrairie, Patrick Galesloot, Robin Taylor Roth, and I will invite a newbie to blogging Ritchie Simpson to participate.

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