Century 21 USA says good bye to TV advertising...turning to online.

Recently it was announced that Century 21 in the USA will no longer do TV advertising. They were one of the first national real estate  franchises to do TV advertising with some many memorable ads. You can read the story that came from Adage Daily here. Although the first reaction is that it is about the downturn in the economy and a way to cut back expenses but they have decided to put their funds toward more online marketing. Century 21 Canadadecided over 2 years ago to make this decision which was considered by many to be a bold decision and was questioned by some if it was the right decision. Due to the fact that there are literally hundreds of channels to choose from how can you pick which ones will give you the best return and reach the most clients. It isnt that long ago that many people only had two to ten channels and you could hold the viewers attention. Many of us can remember those times and when we didnt have a remote to change the channel to avoid commercials..scary but it wasn't that long ago. Now with on demand viewing, PVR's, TiVo, etc the viewer is in control. The internet has definitely changed the way we market and how we are marketed to. It will be interesting what the next few years will do with Google Advertising, Facebook, Twitter,online tv and the decline of print media ads and paper readership

On a local level it is somewhat of a different story as on PEI we have our local CBC that does reach all of Century 21 Colonial's clients and we utilize the medium to promote our office and our staff. If we were in a larger market such as Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, etc it would not be economical for a company to do it as there isnt really local TV anymore. We also do quite a bit of print and online marketing as well so you can't stop all of it.

Here are some older commercials that you may remember.....ah the 70's and early 80's was a great time for fashion.

This one has actually been brought up to me many times and was a very effective ad.

Most recent tv campaign bringing back "The Gold Standard"

Here are some of our local commercials for Century 21 Colonial Realty Inc and Centum Advantage Financial Group Inc

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