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Willy Sutton was a depression era bank robber. He was wanted for robberies in Miami, New Orleans, and New York.  After his capture in 1950, a reporter asked him why he robbed banks.  His reply was, "Because that's where the money is."  Aside from the lack of moral justification, his strategy was sound: go where the money is.

If you are thinking about putting your house on the market you may be interested in seeing which company sells the most property. Everyone can make numbers work such as per agent..per left handed agent...per street etc but at the end of the comes down to total numbers. You can see every office in the PEIREA system  from January 1 to June 10 of this year by clicking here

As you can see Century 21 Colonial Realty has sold more units (176) than any other company which accounts for a market share of 15.33 % for the whole province in dollars we sold $15,211,165 which accounts for 19.63% of the total dollars in sales on PEI so far this year. You can see it in a pie chart here.

So other offices can make claims of what they might do...but the proof is in the report.

At Century 21 Colonial Realty we work hard to sell our properties with recognizable gold post signs,  print marketing (being the only office to do a 2 page spread in real estate guide), we offer property domains for your property ie Google Ad Words Campaign, prominence on sites such as, AIR MILES Reward Miles sponsor, involved with Facebook and Twitter groups and work on community web domains for specific areas such as and many others.

We as a company have sold more property than any other company for 22 of the past 23 years...and are committed to you our client to assist you in achieving your real estate goals.

Contact any of our professional agents to help you. Call 566-2121 to get started or just google their'll find them there. We take the sale of your property and the search for your new property seriously...because it is serious business.



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