Christmas...Is that all there is ?

I have recently read a letter to the editor in our newspaper talking about how Christmas meant more when they were younger...not everyone had much but they got a couple of gifts, clothes, a toy etc and everything was great. I am sure it was ! But it seems like everyone always thinks Christmas was better for everyone when they themselves were younger n and now it isn't. My thoughts are that the memories are very vivid. I am not disagreeing with the writer but thought I would put my spin on it as well.

Now I am not going to say that Christmas was better when I was younger for everyone because I grew up in the 70's and 80's just when consumerism was really coming on but I remember some great Christmas celebrations, fun with family and friends, but most of all I remember the gifts.

The biggest one for me was my Atari 2600 ....with Combat, Space Invaders, and Asteroids....all Fall I begged my folks for it- I made my bed, tried hard not to fight with my sisters, everything that I could do to try and get one...I scoured under the tree looking for something in that size for me and nothing ! Received some other items- clothes, sweater, new mits, a hockey stick but alas all opened and no there I sat with my sisters...trying to look pleased when asked if I liked everything which I replied "Yes"but lets face it...I was not buying into this "better to give than receive" "peace on earth" etc....I wanted the sound of shooting space aliens and also some day owning PacMan....My mom gets a gift and says "John (my dad) there is a gift for you !" I wasn't paying attention until he says "Oh an Atari ! Just what I wanted !" My mouth dropped and I couldn't believe folks just about rolled off the couch laughing so the way my mom still brags how she had the high score in Asteroids !which you can play here on your computer

I think that is why "A Christmas Story" is one of my favourite Christmas movies when Ralphie just wants a Red Ryder BB Gun...and his father pulls the present out after the presents are opened.

Ok...whats my point...We all have great memories of Christmas when we were kids and we believe that it was the we try and redo it for our kids but we can't hope for that but work on making today and tomorrow the best we can I was reminded of this by a tweet by of all people @RevRunWisdom (from RunDMC which is memories in my teenage years..a whole different blog post) who yesterday tweeted "There's NO need to miss your past, There's a good reason it didn't make it into your future"

Let not concentrate on what the holiday season used to mean to you but share that fun..share the stories and the good times as those can be the best gifts and will make this Christmas one to remember.

My folks still love to tell the story of the Atari and did the other night to my kids, who are trying so hard to convince my wife and I to let them open "just one gift" now. I hope that the memories that they experience as children give them memories that they think their Christmas as kids will be the best ever when they get older.(Abby 6 Marcy 4 in Feb)

From my family to yours...Enjoy the holidays and Have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year !

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