Developments Going Forward...Others Are Not

Recently I posted about the changes that have happened over the years in Charlottetown. Now it appears that there is going to be a major change. Homburg Investments who own the Confederation Court Mall and The Northumberland Condos announced a $45 million investment into existing properties and new developments. This is exciting news because nothing looks better in the downtown than construction cranes. They are presently constructing an 8 storey office building on Fitzroy Street and then refacing the National Bank Tower as well as the former Holman building while constructing an 82 room boutique hotel You can see all the information with a video presentation on The Guardian's page.  This is great news in a time when there is not much good economic news from mainstream media!

Recently there was a public meeting on a parcel of land on Charlottetown's waterfront for a condo development. The developer had approval for a 3 storey 36,000 square foot condo/spa/hotel complex but he was looking at expanding it to 4 storeys and over 81,000 square feet. This was met with a great deal of opposition by residents. Charlottetown city council recently voted on this request and turned it down. Although some may see this as a victory in that this present parking lot may stay the same... the developer can still go ahead with original plan. You can see the information on this proposal by going to The Guardian's site.These are difficult decisions for any council to make in an older city as many residents may see this as a disruption to their present way of life and affects them the most. Hopefully that there will be more developments in the downtown core that do appeal to different markets so that the downtown area can grow instead of be stale.

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