Kids Say The Darndest Things....And They Listen !

My daughter Abby is 9 years old and is finishing up grade 3 at Glen Stewart Primary School. I am very biased but she is a very smart girl who loves to read Harry Potter, Narnia and other series books.

Recently a few of the grade 3 classes wanted to show everyone what they learned and experienced in Grade 3. They decided to do a newscast of Glen Stewart News (GSN) called "Starring Grade 3. " They had 4 news anchors and many reporters discussing projects they did, topics they learned such as skyping with other children in other parts of the world, holding a fundraiser called "Chili for Children" which raised $1000 for an orphanage in Uganda and many more.

Abby really enjoys writing so her project was to show an example of "persuasive writing" Since I have been in sales along with her grandfather John for many years she decided to do a commercial. Unbeknownst to me up until a few weeks ago she decided to do it on Century 21 Colonial Realty. She wrote it herself, designed a sign (I know it doesnt meet franchise standards but I think we ll be okay this time) and then memorized it. Last night was the performance and I was very proud not just because she picked our business but of how well she did in her writing and her delivery.

Just goes to show that kids do hear your message if it is repeated eating vegetables...that's another story.

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  1. Shari Boucher 06/19/2013 at 6:28 PM

    Way to go Abby, fantastic job.

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