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With all things going on with the media (more US but Canada is catching up) with words like bailout, stimulus, foreclosures, etc I wonder where it all went wrong ??? Sure there are lots of explanations with financial situations such as price of oil, selling off of mortgages, the NASDAQ, stock market, etc it all seems to be tied to confidence. It comes down to confidence in your job, your investments,the markets, price of oil but ultimately your self. I am not sure where it will all play out but interest rates are still at historic lows, good amount of PEI Real Estate inventory and your house is still a place to live, not necessarily a thing to make money. While doing some research through some of my connections in Facebook and Twitter and seeing what others were talking about I came across this video of inspirational movies...I am a big movie fan and I thought this was something to watch from time to time to keep on the positive side of things and hey it even has Fozzie the can it be bad. Enjoy and keep your chin up- a positive attitude is key to getting through it all.

Joel Ives

Joel Ives

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