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When looking to sell your home, first impressions are extremely important. Landscaping is a great feature of your home that people will consider in this first impression of your home. Even though the internet is becoming the biggest source for searching for homes, many prospective home buyers drive by homes to take a look.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, you will have to think of "curb appeal". Here are some simple landscaping tips to increase your curb appeal:

1. Keep your lawn neat and tidy. Cutting your grass on a regular basis and tending to the weeds on your lawn will definitely give people a good first impression. Rake and dispose of leaves, even if in a wooded area(as many people like to view your green grass). Unkempt lawns can throw people off when viewing your home.

2. Dress up your yard with gardens, trees and shrubbery. If you have a green thumb, you can go ahead and dress-up your yard with flowers, trees and shrubs. You don't want to go overboard with this, as this might turn some people off that don't have the same gardening skills as you. Fresh mulch in your beds will give your yard a new clean look.

3. Remove or trim any trees or shrubbery that obstructs the curb appeal of your house. Any overgrown tree or shrub obscuring the view of the house should be removed or trimmed if possible, especially if your home has detail you want to showcase.This can be the most difficult of these tips, but is very important if there is any overgrown foliage.

Making sure your lawn is tiding by cutting your grass and doing some weeding can go a long way when it comes to the important first impression. There are many other things you can do in terms of landscaping, but we thought we would share with some basic ones that many people can do if looking to sell their house.

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