Social Media...A Fad? or Here to Stay !

Social Media is the new buzz word in the media. All the major news networks are facebooking, twittering and asking us to "Become a Fan" or "Follow Us"..even our company Century 21 Colonial Realty has a facebook fan page and a twitter account.

Social Media is not just a business shift but in how we now communicate with our families, close friends and also those who never were so close...seriously why do people who were never my friends in high school want to be friends now....and why do I accept them ? Just like high school or playground rules...we all want friends and we want people to like us. We also value their opinions. I participate in various social media outlets but I also still believe that these are tools to get more face to face discussions which are always more important.

So how does all of this sell houses ? The real estate business and salespeople has always been about relationships. Our job is to work with people in helping them achieve their goals with regards to one of the important human needs- shelter. We would ask questions on what they required, watch how they reacted to various things (size of rooms, types of kitcens etc) and also on pricing of similar type properties offering varying type of amenities.  We then try and find properties or people that fit what each one needs to satisfy their wants and needs. Realtors like all salespeople need to continually communicate with people by asking questions and giving qualified answers to succeed in making the sale. Now when people say "making a sale" it sounds like someone has been forced to do something...not the has always been about communicating back to people what they have indicated they want...whether it be verbal or non-verbal.

With all the tools available all of us can now can tap into multiple resources to ask questions to help us make our decisions in choices we make from restaurants to go to, products to buy and yes Realtors to assist us in one of our most major transactions in our lives.

With this comes balance as we can get wrapped up spending time with people we really don't know (or know well) and not spend time with the people in front of us. Although it may be interesting to follow people like Howie Mandel, Larry King, Oprah, or me (not as interesting) and still have to keep in contact with those around you.

We will continue to explore new ways of keeping in contact with our clients and also giving them the opportunity to ask questions of us and comment back.

Below is another version of videos that are constantly being updated with stats on Social Media-some stats you may have heard and others you may not have.


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