Vote Red, Blue, Brown or Green...But For Real Estate Results - Choose Gold !

Of course I believe in lawn signs that serve a purpose ie selling your property but I always wonder what is the point of election signs- I presume that it is advertising for the politicians running for office and that the more signs of one candidate proves to the undecided that they should choose a winner. I also found it amusing that the news covered a "sandbox fight" on election sign rights.

 I am not going to point out fingers at any one party as I am not a vocal supporter of any party but I have supported more than 1 party over the years.  It seems that we have been in election mode whether provincial or federal every 18 months and I wonder if people would care more if we actually had set election dates.

We at Century 21 Colonial Realty believe that of all the lawn signs being installed- the Century 21 Colonial Realty Inc Gold Post is one that speaks volumes and does work for your best interest for real estate on PEI.

Please exercise your democratic right and make sure you do vote. If you don't vote-you don't get to complain. Make sure you review why you are voting and make your voice heard-It does make a difference.

I'm Joel Ives and I approve this message.

Joel Ives

Joel Ives

CENTURY 21 Colonial Realty Inc.
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