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I often get asked whether Com Free effects our business. The reality of it is that Com Free is no more than a FSBO ( For Sale By Owner) and FSBOs have been around forever. So let's start by looking at being the seller in this FSBO situation. As the seller, you have to ask yourself  "how familiar are you with real estate law?". Real estate law is forever changing and because of this, one hiccup and you could your deal fall through .But you also could be facing a costly lawsuit. I have sold hundreds of properties and with my experience I can help shelter you from those costly law suits. An other thing to think about when you are selling yourself is that there are safety issues, because you really don't know who you are letting into your home.  Are the buyers pre-approved financially to buy your house or are you wasting your time?  And finally when meeting potential buyers there are things that they would like to say ... but don't want to offend you in which case you can't deal with their concerns and if they do say something negative about the property, it may offend you making things uncomfortable and compromising the sale. As a buyer ... first of all you are not paying to use representation.  We get paid by the vendor in which case why not use third party representation?  When you look at market value, prices already have taken into account real estate fees so if you have a need to buy a FSBO you should be discounting fees right off the price .The issue of insurance, like I stated above still comes into play even as a buyer because again Errors and Omission Insurance will kick in in the case of serious problems. So don't be so quick to blow off your Real Estate Agent.  It is still proven that 7 out of 10 still require the services of a professional to complete the sale.

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