The Elusive North-West Trunk

To go over the river or under the river. THAT is the question.

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Houses are waiting to be built, developers are waiting to build, commercial real estate is waiting to be built on, infrastructure and services are waiting... Everyone is waiting to come to Lindsay to be a part of our wonderful community. The plumbers, roofers, framers, carpenters and all kinds of tradespeople are waiting for the opportunity to not only work, but live in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Everybody is waiting, it's called "The Economy"... The Economy is waiting here, our community is waiting to grow, but our local elected government are having trouble making a decision whether to go over or under the river. For what seems like forever, industry and commerce opportunities are passing us by and moving on to areas that are welcoming development. So, "The Economy" here in Lindsay, waits, and waits, and waits...

We lost the CNR,

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we almost lost the airport, there is currently not much industry in the east ward, but we have five Tim Horton's and our biggest employer, Ross Memorial Hospital and the employees at The City of Kawartha Lakes. Lets do this wonderful town a favour and not miss out on anymore opportunites for positive growth in our town.

So, what I would like to say to our local elected government is "Move on, and make a decsion fast. We don't want any more opportunities to pass us by."

Last option: Let's move the river...

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