Moving to the Suburbs or Urban

The battle over deciding whether to buy a home in the suburbs or within an urban city centre is a debate that plagues many prospective homebuyers. Here are some reasons one area may be more suited to your needs over the other, with top five reasons to go urban or suburban from Sarah Daniels and Philip DuMoulin.

Top 5 Reasons to go Suburban

By Sarah Daniels
There are a lot of weird biases against the suburbs – no you don’t have to wear “mom jeans” and lose all semblance of “coolness” – the SUBURBS are where it’s AT!

1.Bang for your buck – generally you will get more square footage for less than it will cost in the city. Why buy a two bedroom cramped condo in the city when you can have a three bedroom home with a garden in the suburbs? Young families need affordable space – and the suburbs offer that!

2.Less crime – statistically, the suburbs are safer. Chances are you will know everyone on your block, something that doesn’t often happen in the bustle of the city. Knowing that the neighbours will watch the house when you are away, or feed the cat – well that’s something money can’t buy!

3.Better schools – For parents, this can mean all the difference when it comes time to buy. Schools tend to be newer, with more amenities, and better access to the outdoors including playing fields and playgrounds. Classes are less crowded – and that means more attention paid to your children!

4.Convenient shopping – yes, that’s true! With a mix of big box shopping, boutiques, and everything else, you’ll be able to find everything you need, without the hassle of finding a parking spot, AND having to pay for it!

5.Access to more outdoor activities – you’ll generally find more parks, community centres, and ice rinks, not to mention pools and golf courses.

Top 5 Reasons to go Urban
By Philip DuMoulin

1.Convenience – let’s face it, every possible amenity is available at your doorstep in major urban centers!
2.Typically less market volatility - losses are typically less dramatic but gains are usually higher due to the urban core being "built out."

3.Established neighbourhoods and amenities - beautiful mature lined streets, heritage buildings, architecture, and specialty stores not to mention the incredible shopping, are established city trademarks.

4.Transit - there is better access to all types of public transit as well as service route options.

5.Traditional services, Hospitals etc. - whether it’s seeing an orthodontist, a chiropractor or a "specialist" there will always be greater options in the city.

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