4 things that make Grand Lake - "Grand"

Grand Lake has a reputation as being the premier lake in Val des Monts - why is that? There are many exceptional lakes in Val des Monts but few have the combination of the following four factors that everyone seems to like.

1) Large size. This is one of the largest lakes in the region with access to Dam lake and Lac Vert as well.

2) Close to the city - The south end of the lake is only a 35 min drive to the city.  Tell that to your friends in Toronto!

3) Removed from any busy roads or highways. The two major traffic arteries in Val des Monts, Hwy 366 and Hwy 307 do go close by other lakes but NOT Grand Lake.  This makes the setting extra quiet.

4) No public access.  Simply put, the only boaters on the lake are property owners.  This makes for comparatively less boat traffic, and generally more responsible boat owners.

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