Summer Home Maintenance Tips

While the weather has been summer-like for several weeks now, the calendar officially welcomed summer just over a week ago.  If summer came quicker than you were able to get your home ready, here are a few helpful tips to get you back on track.

  1. Tune up your Air Conditioner - This is perhaps the most important thing on your summer home maintenance to-do list as this will help ensure you keep cool in the summer heat while your hydro bills don't skyrocket.  Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance just like your car.  This includes cleaning the coils, checking the refrigerant levels, and changing the filters.  Air conditioners should be serviced at least annually and some experts recommend changing the coils monthly when your air conditioner is used regularly. 
  2. Check your Roof - With warmer weather upon us, summer is a good time to inspect your roof for any damage.  You'll want to check shingles, corners, seals, and flashings.  Any required repair is much easier in the summer and catching a small issue before it becomes a larger problem is always a good thing.
  3. Clean your Eavestroughs - After the fall and winter, it's likely your eavestroughs have some debris that could impair drainage.  By clearing this debris, you will prevent damaging leakage into your home.  While cleaning, check for any damage to both the eavestrough and the downspouts.  Make certain that your downspouts are properly attached and draining away from your home.  This will help ensure you don't have water pooling around your foundation and seeping into your basement.
  4. Check your Windows - Inspect the weatherstripping around your windows and doors.  Repair or replace any damaged or worn weatherstripping to help keep the summer heat out and your air conditioned air in.  And, like the other tips provided, it's much better to address this during the warm summer months than when the winter chill has you reaching for an extra blanket.
  5. Pressure Wash the Exterior - Keeping the exterior of your home looking fresh not only boosts the curb appeal, but it also helps minimize staining and mildew caused by dirt and debris.
  6. Seal your Driveway - If you've got an asphalt driveway, a fresh coat of black driveway sealant will not only deliver a nice crisp and clean appearance, but can lengthen the life of your driveway.  It is recommended that asphalt driveways be resealed approximately every three years.  Similarly, resealing concrete and interlock driveways and walkways every couple years or so is also a good idea.  This will protect the surface and help prevent colour loss.
  7. Check your Deck - Inspect for damaged, curled, and rotten boards in addition to missing or raised screws or nails.  Replace any damaged boards and hardware.  You'll also want to check underneath your deck and inspect the structure.  If your deck is sealed or stained, it's a good idea to reapply the seal/stain each year.  This will lengthen the life of your deck and help maintain an attractive appearance.  This does require a bit of work, though.  Start by pressure washing the deck boards and allow to fully dry before applying a remover/stripper.  Let dry again before lightly sanding to ensure all dirt and staining is removed.  Be sure all dust is eliminated and the forecast isn't calling for rain before applying your new stain.

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