Hunger Awareness Week Day Four...

The Thursday Report… Cookies, cookies, cookies! Everywhere I turn I see cookies. If you look closely at the picture you will see that there are even cookies amid the donations. I look at the sale flyers… and see cookies. I get in my car… and find cookies. Even my computer has... cookies. I thought watching part of the game last night would take my mind off cookies. And what do you think I saw? Two teams of grown men using sticks to fight over a cookie. Oh wait… that was a rubber disk? Well I am sure I saw a cookie!

Bless those of you that braved the damp and dreary day. It was a little quieter here today. I got to wondering how close we are to the goal, and how much I weigh in food terms. According to some rough calculations I weigh about 750 boxes of Kraft Dinner, or 500 in soups or veggies. If I am full of beans, that’s only about 370, and I am a mere feather weight in juice, under 150! There must be a hundred pounds of food on that table. Thank you everyone for your generous contributions. Looks like there is still quite a way to go to reach our goal, but there is always hope for tomorrow. Maybe we should have picked a smaller REALTOR®! Please spread the word… We still have plenty of coffee… and of course cookies!

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