The Winter Move: Tips for a Great Cold Weather Transition

Whoever said “Moving in the winter is fun!”?  No one. Your stress can double when it’s cold, snowy and icy out! There are those winter days where you are stuck indoors that give you a ton of time to unpack but that's really the only upside.  To help keep your move on track, download this FREE comprehensive Moving Checklist.  Moving with kids?  You'll need to do some extra planning to reduce their stress as well.  Read these helpful tips.

Here are some tips to keep your winter move seamless and safe:

HEATING & LIGHTS: Make sure your new home will have the utilities up and running on the day you take possession. You may even consider activating your account on a few days before to ensure your first night in isn’t a dark, chilly one. 

HIRE THE PROFESSIONALS: Your buddies may be willing to help and you may be tempted to save some cash but during the winter months it’s best to stick with professionals. Handling bulky, heavy items down stairs and up ramps can be tricky enough, add slippery conditions and it could be downright dangerous. Professional movers have the experience, training and workplace injury insurance to ensure that they (and you) remain safe and covered as they work.  Household plants need extra care when moving in winter as they can sit in an cold truck for hours before being unloaded.  Ask your moving company how best to protect them.

PROTECT INSIDE SPACE: Going in and out with salt, snow and ice on your shoes can wreck havoc on your floors. Invest in some long cardboard, plastic sheets or drop cloths and use painting tape to secure them to avoid a tripping hazard. Also, consider positioning some movers outside and inside for rotating shifts and pass items to the vehicle that way.

KEEP WALKWAYS CLEAR: Start as early as possible to ensure all pathways are moving day ready. Shovel snow and salt all steps and driveways and if possible, see if your real estate agent can arrange for the same to be done for your new residence. Sometimes no one is living at the property. Keep all tools (shovels, salt) easily accessible, like in your car, should weather conditions change suddenly.

PLAN B: As weather can change dramatically in winter months make sure you have a back up plan of where you can stay and for storage should severe conditions prevent you from moving on the day you plan. Even simply spending a few moments thinking about a plan will help you feel calmer as you get ready.

BREATHE: Lastly try and relax! Moving is stressful enough and most winter conditions can be mitigated with careful planning and professional experience.





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