12 Things To Pack Last

It's time to pack up for your big move!  Here's a helpful list of 12 items to pack last and keep handy.

1.  Box Cutter:  Don't pack this item at all, it's the first thing you'll need to open up all those boxes.

2.  Alarm Clock:  You don't want to be late out the front door on the first morning at your new home.  Also the radio component can allow you to enjoy some music while you get organized.

3.  Light Bulbs and A Flashlight:  It may be dark in certain areas when you take over your new home.

4.  Supplies:  Cleaning Supplies and paper towels, toilet paper, toiletries and a towel.

5.  A Copy of Your Lease or Ownership Documents and Some Personal ID

6.  Sufficient Cash:  If your moving out of town, you may have to wait a day or two before you could get to a bank and arrange your finances.

7.  Cell Phone with Charger:  To allow you to make any necessary calls, until your land line is set up.

8.  Address Book or PDA:  Keep those important telephone numbers handy.

9.  Snacks and Pizza or Fast Food Numbers and Coupons:  You're going to work up an appetite, so think about treating yourself to a quick bite.

10.  Lots to Drink:  Have plenty of Water, pop, juice or other refreshments and some drinking glasses. 

11.  The Tool Box:  Hammers and Screwdrivers, Allen keys, nails and screws, Scotch tape and a tape measure.

12.  Extension Cords and Batteries:  Everything is electric these days, it just makes sense to keep that extension cord and fresh pack of batteries within easy reach.






















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