What do you "need" and "want" in a house?

Everyone moves for different reasons, to be closer to work, because of a change in finances, an expanding family and so on.  It is important to remember at all times why you want or need to move.  Why not make a list of your requirements and desires right at the start?  This way, you will be able to focus on finding a home that's neither too big nor too small, in a style you like-and that fits within your budget.

Answer these questions and you'll have a comprehensive wish list:

  1. How many are there in your family?  Are you planning on having more children?  Or do you have children who will be leaving home soon?  Could you be looking after aging relatives in the future?
  2. What type of house do you hope to buy? (Detached, Semi-Detached, Townhouse or Condominium)
  3. How many bedrooms do you need now and in the near future?
  4. How many bathrooms?
  5. Do you require space for a home office?
  6. Do you need lots of storage space?
  7. Do you need a garage?  For how many cars?
  8. Do you need a large property?


By answering these questions, it will lead you to finding the right home that is suited for your particular situation.

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