A Career in Real Estate?

How do I become a Real Estate Agent? What can I make Selling Real Estate? Real Estate is easy how do I get involved?

As a Real Estate Broker of Record, I'm often asked what a career in Real Estate is about.  To answer these questions, we have been running Career Night Seminars for several years.  These evenings are designed for people who are interested in getting into Real Estate, people who have thought about it but don't have enough information to make an infomred decision or for people who are new to the business but still need help to be successful.

We offer Career Night Seminars on the second Tuesday of each month with the exceptions of January and December.

These evenings are designed to be informative, honest and casual.  So if you have thought about it, visit our career page and register for an upcoming event - many successful Ottawa agents have attended these events before entering Real Estate and stated that they were extremely helpful to them and their careers

Our Next Career Night Seminar is being held on Tuesday October 9th @ 7:00pm


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