Career in Real Estate

20 some years ago I was a Recreation Director at a local Community Centre looking at another 35+ years to retirement and realized I couldn't see myself doing that job for another 35+ years.  So I took a chance and decided to get my real estate license.  I got into real estate just as the market started to drop and i'll admit there were a lot of challenges in the first few years and times when I thought maybe I had made a mistake, but today 22 years later I don't regret that decision.

I love real estate.  I enjoy working with my clients to help them meet their goals or fulfill their dreams.  I love the challanges of a ever changing and competitive business and I love the satisfaction at the end of the day knowing I helped someone.  The financial rewards have been good too!

So if you have ever thought about a career change and considered real estate I'd like to help you.  We have just added to our website a  personality test that would help you determine if you have the right personality for a career in real estate.  Just go to Real Estate Personality Test , it takes about 10 minutes and it will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your suitability to a career in real estate. 

Don't like taking tests, join me at one of our monthly career nights for an informal discussion about how you become a real estate agent in Ontario, what you can expect in the way of challenges, workload and rewards.  Our Real Estate Career Workshops are held the second Tuesday of each month at our office, 444 Hazeldean Road, Kanata, Ontario.  All I ask is that you preregister by calling Densie at 613-836-2570.

Don't like tests or group presentations?  Call me and we can arange a time to sit down and discuss a Career in Real Estate and how CENTU|RY 21 John DeVries Ltd., Brokerage can make it be a successfull transition for you.

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