How technology helps your real estate career.

As early as 1994, I remember people telling me technology was going to make Realtors obsolete, well it's now 2016 and Realtors are still here and going strong.  Technology still impacts the industry and many different players have entered the marketplace. Some successfully while others have come and gone.  I believe that technology will never replace the Realtor but Realtors who use technology will be/are more successful and can service their clients and customers more effectively than ever. People still want to see and touch a house before they buy, sellers need the data analysized to determine pricing for their home and realtor networking still produces results. However, technology helps in all these areas and so much more.

So what technology does a Realtor need/use;

MLS System - the centralized database of homes for sale, sold data, etc.  It's centrally important to the Realtor's business and only accessible by Realtors who are members of local Real Estate Boards.  The MLS system is operated by the local Real Estate Board and accessed by member Brokers and agents.  The public has access a subset of this information through websites like or franchise/company/agent sites like or


CRM - Client Relationship Management systems - these are systems that allow Realtors to organize their clients, customers, colleagues, leads,etc.  A good CRM will have a robust marketing creation program, will allow a relator to categorize their customers and clients into many distinct sub groups to allow effective communication

Marketing Software - A Realtor needs to be able to communicate with customers and clients efficiently and effectively.  There is a need to create and distribute marketing for the agent, the homes for sale and their successes.

Transaction Management - Central to real estate sales is the real estate transaction.  A realtor will need to produce extensive documents relating to the purchase and sale of a home and multiple follow up documents, these documents will need to be signed by multiple parties and then as per the extensive legal requirements maintained by the Realtor/Brokerage for years to come.

Websites - websites are today central to the realtors business.  Most Sales Associates operate multiple sites with landing pages, lead capture, blog posts, community and listing videos etc.


The providers of technology to realtors is almost as vast as the number of realtors in the business we have photography/drone/virtual tour provides, lead capture/text to info/landing page providers, transaction management/document production and esignature providers and the list goes on.

Also today all this technology needs to mobile ready/friendly.  Your consumers will be viewing these things on phones, tablets and computers and you as a realtor will need to be able to access your office, your client database and your transactions/listing information on the road. 



At Century 21 John DeVries Ltd. we provide our agents with all of these tools at no additional cost, it's part of being with the company.  These tools are state of the art, effective and easy to use.  We provide full training and support of all of our technology. Most important is the fact that it's all one point of entry - MLS system for listings and our online office for almost everything else.  This makes your a more effective agent, your marketing all branded with your information and in touch at all times.


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