I just gave the gift of Hope

Happy New Year!  We have so much here in Canada.  As I have talked to friends and family I've noticed that our New Year's resolutions are often focused on items very high on Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" - reducing weight, improving our exercise, de-cluttering the house, improving a sporting score.  It seems are basic needs are covered. 

My wonderful friend, Natalie, works for Plan Canada.  She introduced me to their latest campaign "About a Girl'.  It sends a very powerful message about the importance of feeding, educating and housing girls.  Here is quote from their web site,

Because I am a Girl

But here’s the amazing thing. It’s proven that investing in girls is key to eliminating global poverty. By educating girls in developing countries, by giving them nourishment, health care and protection, they will flourish and go on to improve the lives of those around them. They will break the cycle of poverty, not just for themselves, but for their families, communities and nations."


I like their web site and their message.  I think they can make a difference.  For a small donation of $155 I was able to give the following, clean water for a family, 2 home birthing kits and a Berkeley-Darfur Stove. 

2010 will have its ups and downs for my family but we are safe, warm and have plenty to eat.  I hope my small donation will take a few worries from those less fortunate.


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