Preparing your home for showings is not a one size fits all plan

Fresh flowers are set-up, the house is freshly dusted and your stainless steel appliances are gleaming. You're ready for your showing. The next morning your phone rings. On the other end, is your Realtor with the feedback, drum roll please.... "They aren't willing to take on that much work"   Work? What work? you ask.   "They thought they smelt something funny in the basement and you don't have crown moulding"

Now, you may have heard, buyers can come across somewhat blunt. When it's to the point of being downright nit picky, that's when I tend to cut to the chase and ask when I should expect the offer. Yes, sometimes it can be a tactic. But, when the feedback is consistantly less than stellar, that's when we need to hone our presentation game.

Glade plug-ins, candles and, oh my goodness, incense can have your prospective buyers running for the hills. People just want clean and when all they can smell is vanilla and strawberries, they focus more on what you're trying to hide -- even if you're not trying to hide anything. 'Clean' is typically going to be enough to appease everyone. TIP - In the evening when the air is chill, you can put cushions and other hard items to clean out for an hour or two (or if you have a secured area, overnight) and they will naturally deoderize. Another favorite of mine, being a fish lover, is placing a decorative vase on the kitchen counter and filling with whole coffee beans. They will help soak up lingering smells. I just discovered a handy blog that has some additional handy, bio-friendly cleaning ideas, 

I believe in love at first sight -- when it comes to hardwood flooring and ensuite retreats. Does that make me easy? Probably, but if I'm won over by the work that seller has put in, then kudos to said seller!  With all the home decor shows, (my guilty pleasures are This Old House, Design Inc., Candice Tells All and The Property Brothers) and internet, you have an array of How-To guides for home primping.

DECLUTTER my friends, declutter. Yes, I do like your shrine to Elvis Mrs. Murphy... now pack it up. I've said it before and I will say it again, there's one thing you have complete control over and that is how your home shows. Show homes are neutral for a reason and for that reason I stress starting the packing process.  What's more, is this allows you to begin the mental process of transition. For many, if not most, selling your home is an emotional process and therefore you need to embrace that process. If that's too frou frou for you, go pack anyways. At least you can say you're ahead of the game.  

There are times that your home's bones are just not going to fit a buyers dressings and that's when you say, "NEXT". But, in a lot of cases when the dots are nearly joined, a little nip and tuck is all it's going to take to make the connection. When everything flows, you'll be SALEing into the sunset.

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