Stittsville Real Estate - May Insights

Spring has been great for portions of Stittsville real estate! Average sales YTD are up considerably Stittsville North, which could be attributed to the new developments in Fairwinds. As house prices struggle to remain close to par compared to last year, we are seeing a decline in months of inventory. As months of inventory continue to drop closer to a sellers market - which is anywhere from 1-3 months of inventory - we should see average sale prices start to level out closer to 2015 numbers, if not surpass them. A factor in the lack of sales for Stittsville South could be all the devellopment happening with the Traditions subdivision, and those further south.

Area 2016 Sales 2015 Sales % +/- 2016 AVG $ 2015 AVG $ % +/- Inventory (months)
Stittsville North 110 83 +32.5 $388,108 $392,261 -1.1 2
Stittsville Central 78 77 +1.3 $416,751 $409,671 +1.7 2
Stittsville South 70 87 -19.5 $457,861 $476,792 -4.0 3

Stittsville North - North of Hazeldean Road

Stittsville South - South of Abbott Street

Stittsville Central - Hazeldean Road to Abbott Street to Terry Fox

With Stittsville North development comign to an end within the next couple of years, we will continue to see a rise in activity within the area. I do anticipate balance comes to the community within 5 years of construction being completed. Stittsville South will see a rise in sales over the next couple years as the Blackstone community continues to be built.

Active Listings Stittsville North Stittsville Central Stittsville South
Current 71 51 65
2015 85 69 81
2014 77 69 79
2013 54 61 75
2012 51 48 49

Average days on market continue to be above the 5 year average for each region. This is largely affected by the growth in both Stittsville North and South with new construction. To ensure your home has the best chance of selling quickly, always call your trusted real estate professional.

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Please note; average sale price information can be useful in establishing trends over time but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value. The average sale price is calculated based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold.

All information was gathered from the Ottawa Real Estate Board website

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