The Last Thing You Want to Buy

I made a strange purchase on the weekend.  It was not an impulse purchase or something that I had been saving for or dreaming of.  It was practical and gives me piece of mind.  It was a burial plot.  

I don't have a foreshadow of death and am not a pessimist but the prearranging of my final resting place is important as I would like to eventually be with the community and family that I have grown-up with and love.  The cemetery at our church in the Village of Carp has available spaces but its land is limited so eventually it will sell out.  There is a planned increase in rates as of January 1, 2014.  These 2 facts lead me to investigate a purchase. 

In the cemetery, I have a long list of relatives and friends and neighbours.  The plot I have chosen is one of 4 in a block.  Three of my sisters will purchase the balance of the block.  The block will accommodate the four of us and our spouses.  We will be located beside my Dad's Brother and his wife along with their son and his wife.  Seems like we are assembled at a party.  Although it is not a party I hope that the proximity of the graves will allow a variety of family members - my children, nieces and nephews as well as the extended family of my Uncle to care for the graves and find comfort in their ancestor's history. 

My grandparents are buried in the cemetery and my parents have purchased a plot.  Their purchases were made many years ago so although I cannot be beside them I feel we will be close.

I suppose it is a good idea to pre-plan more then just the burial plot.  For instance, I would like a Eucharist at my funeral.  Also, you can make choices and decisions now, with a rational mind that will ease the burden for a loved one trying to make decisions at a time of crisis.  I am going to write down some details and give it to my executor.  There are many sites that offer pre-planning tips.  Some that I found helpful,

As a real estate agent, the price per foot of this tiny piece of land does not make sense, but as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend it was a great decision.

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