The Purchasing Pathway - Steps 3 & 4

Now that you have read steps one and two of the purchasing pathway, you are set to acquire pre-approval (step 3) and view homes (step 4). Viewing homes without a pre-approval generally leads to disappointment. Wise buyers would discuss their financial situation with a reputable lender and acquire a pre-approval. Getting this pre-approval allows you to not just understand what it means to be pre-approved, but helps you understand what you can afford. Knowing your financial situation is a great benefit when negotiating.

Building off steps one and two of The Purchasing Pathway, your Realtor will look at showing you homes that meet your criteria of location, price, and style. Viewing homes is a great way to provide yourself with information to make the best possible decision. Your representative will show you homes, however it is a process of elimination. Viewing homes you are not interested in is not a waste of time, it helps you recognize what you like in a home.

That concludes steps three and four of The Purchasing Pathway. Stay tuned early next week for more information on The Purchasing Pathway.

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