Why Stage Your Home

Many clients ask me why they should go to the bother of "staging" their home.  I really believe there are benefits and I think the resistance may be in people's perception of what "staging" actually is.

Staging is preparing your home to be in its best light for the real estate market.  It is not decorating.  It is not hiding flaws.  It is not meant to mislead a Buyer.

What to do?  I feel, at a minimum, you should CLEAN, De-CLUTTER, De-PERSONALIZE and REPAIR.  Cleaning involves really cleaning - not a quick vacuum, but a baseboards, cupboards, closets, cobweb clean.  Your home should smell and look fresh.  To de-clutter, you should use the 70/30 rule.  When you live in a home 70% is filled with your belongings.  When you sell, you should fill the home with 30% and have 70% open.  This concept allows the Buyer to appreciate the space and to imagine their own things in the room.  This also encompasses de-personalizing.  Remove your family pictures and personal art pieces.  Allow the Buyer to mentally place their own pictures in your home.  You really must have a critical eye to repairs.  If there is a squeaky door, a scratched cupboard or a broken spindle - repair them.  The buyer will see that you have paid attention to detail and have been a proud owner of your home. 

At a maximum, you may need to repaint, replace flooring and/or purchase fresh bedding and linens.  This is where a professional stager can guide you.  I work with, Connie Nedergaard, President of "StagedNSold".  I am so impressed with her service and because I see real benefits to my clients, I include her consultation as part of my Full Service Listing package.  She will spend 2 hours in your home making a check list of suggestions for you to improve the overall appeal of your property.  Once you have completed the tasks, she will return to tweak the final product and ensure your property is ready for photos.

I find the photos of staged homes really appeal to buyers.  They are captured by the photographs and take the next step to booking a showing. 

In the end, success means a well sold home.  I feel a well prepared home is a well sold home.

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