The Importance of Friends!

Having wonderful friends is truly a blessing!  Facebook has allowed many of us to showcase friends and family and to appreciate each others fun times.  But how long have you been friends with your BFF?  I had an opportunity to lunch with an amazing group of gals this weekend.  My Mother, Helen Rivington, trained as a nurse at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.  She graduated in 1954.  This June her class will mark its 60th Anniversary.  There were 19 in their class and through the years of work, marriages, divorces, children, grandchildren - they have tried to keep in-touch.  They send Christmas cards, meet for lunch, some use the internet and they all try to gather for their 5 year reunions. 

When I witnessed their get together it was like they were 19 again - lots of laughs, teasing and remember whens!  The girls like to tell me what a slob Mom was and how they would hitchhike to Doug's (of course now my Dad) baseball games in Carp.   I have heard these stories before but they are always great to hear again and the ladies love them!

Years ago their gatherings were larger but unfortunately some have passed.  They are hoping that 9 will be at the June reunion, only 2 husbands remain.  My friends and I are planning a trip to NYC to celebrate a birthday - I truly hope we are still getting together after 60 years!

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