How does you home look online?

There was a day where you could put up any picture and sell a house.  This actually lasted for a good few years as it was such a sellers market.  Buyers had no choice but to come and look at the house incase it was god on the inside.  The times have changed!  Why would a buyer come see your listing in today's market when they have so much to choose from.  This is why you must have professional photos done.  Your agent should understand the different lighting temperatures, framing and how to order them in a way the doesn't confuse the a confused mind doesn't buy!  If they don't get photography, let's hope they will admit that and hire someone.  Hailey Funk Photography is a professional that for under $100 will take amazing photos with in a 24 hour turn around.  She can be reached at  Now I still like to do my own photos but I have the background of media production and have invested over $1,000.00 into my camera and lenses.  If your house pictures are just a bunch of shadows and your agent is posing in the mirrors, it's time to have the talk about what the person you hired is here to do...Marketing your home is number one as it's done before you can get to showings, offers and negotiations.   

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