Create a Garden in a Condo Deck

Most condo owners live in a concrete jungle with nary a lawn in site. Although your balcony isn’t rooted in soil, you can still plant a garden to bring in some green. All it takes is getting crafty and creative with nifty ideas to create the flourishing condo deck garden that you deserve.

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are ideal for condo decks. Use a living wall or screen to plant your garden and hang it on the wall. Succulents and herbs grow particularly well and look lush as the grass on the first day of May.

Flower Boxes

Flower boxes filled with a rainbow of your favourite blooms are sure to satisfy your green thumb. To conserve space, hang them on the railing of your balcony. They’ll make your deck look garden-gorgeous in no time.

Hanging Planters

Use these stunning bushels of foliage to breathe life into your patio. Just make sure you’re tall enough to water them (but not tall enough that you’ll bump your head!).

DIY Garden

A similar concept to the vertical garden, this one uses potted planters instead of a screen. Here’s how to make it: drill two holes in the back of tin cans and string heavy-duty wire through to make a loop that will hang on a nail. Poke some more holes at the bottom for drainage. To finish, paint and plant away! 

Potted Plants

Use potted plants, big and small, to give flora and fauna a home on your deck. If space allows, large potted plants that are big enough to stand alone will look great. Alternatively, use little ones to plant your favourite herbs.

Source: HGTV


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