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Almost two years ago, a very good client of mine sent me a referral. It was a friend of them: John, a professional 35 years old (real age but not his real name) They also told me that, although he was a nice guy, sometimes he had "decision problems".  Since I'm a positive guy, I thought that with patience and good information, he'd be ready and comfortable enough to buy with me.

The first meeting was great: He was renting the main floor of a house with a tenant in the basement and another tenant upstairs. He was sick and tired of the smoking and music from the guy downstairs and with the walking “like an elephant” of the guy upstairs. That’s why he wanted to move out to his own house.

He felt happy talking about the buying process. In a nutshell, he was single with an income of $150,000, good credit and a downpayment of about $120,000. For any Realtor, that was an ideal client: Someone with money and willing to buy soon.

He had to postpone the buying for three weeks because he had to go to Europe because of his work. Anyway, before leaving, he filled a mortgage application and he was pre approved to buy for up to $600,000. Until that moment, everything was normal. When he got back to Toronto, because of his job schedule, he had to wait ten more days to start the showings.

Long story short, during the next few weeks, he always had a new excuse to postpone the showings until one day I asked him why, after having everything approved, he didn’t take any action. His answer showed me that, even when he “wanted to buy”, subconsciously, he never had the intention to do it. He was full of fears, particularly, “fear of change”. He wouldn’t dare to take the risk to change and living in his own home and that’s why now, two years later, he’s still breathing smoke from the guy in the basement and feeling the trembling ceiling with the “stomping” steps from the “elephant” upstairs. Of course I wasted my time with him but, as a Realtor, that comes with the territory. But, as a human being I felt pity for him. He could bear everything..., except change.

The message behind this story has the shape of a question: ARE YOU LIKE JOHN? I hope not but... in the case you are... I’ll give you something to think about: What’s holding you back? What are you afraid of ? What are you waiting for?

For your own sake, stop worrying and start living ! Life is full of risks but also full of rewards for those who dare to live it! The only place where there is no stress or risks is in the cemetery (and only of you are six feet under).

Take the risk to do something different ! Visit a place far away from home !, Buy your own home if you can ! Say “I love you” to someone you care about !

Do it while you can because, by the time you are in a wheel chair, in a nursing home or within your coffin, even your pre-approval won’t be valid anymore.

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