TOP 10 Tips for Moving House

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, but let’s look at the positives: this gives you an opportunity to start afresh and sort out your belongings. It doesn’t matter why you’ve decided to move, a new house is an exciting prospect, and you probably have lots of plans for the interior decoration. With these tips, you can change neighbourhoods and limit the hassle of relocation.

1.       Pick Your Movers Wisely

Make sure that the movers you select are licensed service providers. Do your research on ratings and reviews; don’t just settle for the cheapest man with a van. You’ll need to make your decision at least a fortnight before you move, if not, earlier. Get at least three quotes before settling, so you get the best for your money – check out any discount days.

2.       Start Preparing

A few months before the move, you’ll need to start eating the contents of your freezer, so you don’t have to chuck out perfectly good consumables on moving day. You should also start collecting cardboard boxes and newspapers for packing. It’s best to get these free, if you can, instead of paying surprisingly expensive prices.

3.       Organise Your Belongings

If everything is neatly boxed up and labelled, you will thank goodness that you went to the trouble. Make a list of the items in every carrier, otherwise you will pitch a fit when you can’t find an important document or item.

4.       Declutter

Get rid of anything you can do without because you’ll be amazed at how many possessions you do have. Donate items to charity or hold a garage sale.

5.       Contact Service Providers

The last thing you want is the next tenants being bombarded with letters from your previous service providers. Cancel all utility contracts and let them know of your change of address.

6.       Evaluate Space

Look at your belongings and ask yourself if there is enough room at the new property for your possessions. Know in advance if you can fit your furniture through the doorways, otherwise you may have to purchase items fresh. On the other hand, if you need to purchase items like a new bed, buy it and have it delivered to your door on the day of your move.

7.      Pack a Bag of Essentials

There will be items that you will need to hand, especially if you have children. Think about snacks, changes of clothes, PJs, toiletries, and towels. Everyone will want some comforting props when they’re in a house full of boxes.

8.       Recruit Help

You’re going to need reinforcements, so call in family and friends to help you with the big move. Tempt them with pizzas (on you) and some celebratory bubbly. Book some days off work – you will need the down time and an opportunity to get your new house in order.

9.    Clean Your Previous House

If your old house is going to new buyers, make sure it’s in the same condition that you would expect if you were moving into a property. Not only should you thoroughly clean the interior, but if you have a garden, get it in pristine condition.

10.   Say Hello To Your Neighbours

Moving into a new place will probably attract the attention of the entire street. Try to make a few house calls on the day to introduce yourself to your neighbours. This establishes warm feelings from day one and might mean a new friendship.

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