Buying MY First Home

After being in the business for a few years, it was bound to happen. 

They say it happens when your not looking. That if you try too hard, you won't find it. That when it does, you will "just know". OK, maybe I'm getting confused with my true love but still, that's basically what happened!

It was time for me to renew my lease or find somewhere else to live. I chose the later and began my search. Anyone who rents in Collingwood/Blue Mountain will agree with me that if you're a single professional, finding reasonable rent that one could afford on a single income is as easy as hitting a fresh powder trail at Blue Mountain on a Saturday afternoon after a snowfall.

So, I decided to throw in a couple of very affordable homes to the mix. Now when I say very affordable, I mean Condo's or, houses that require not only some sweat equity but a vivid imagination and some money and patience to spend on reno's (most would probably tear down). I figured now was as good as any other to see my options. Off I went on a tour of 8 homes and condos for lease and for sale.  BAM! First house I walk into I WANT. I'm in the business... This doesn't happen. Especially not a first time home buyer. But there I was, standing in a borderline tear down in downtown Collingwood, and it stole my heart. I could call this home. Sure I'd have to paint every room, refinish the floors, change the windows, gut the kitchen and the bathroom, put in new floors in half the house and landscape. But HEY, it would be MINE! Something I've wanted to feel since I spread my wings to leave the home nest over a decade ago.

However, like any first timer, I had to "see" the rest. By the end of the day though, I was writing up MY own offer for MY first home. It's been love ever since.

OK, not quite. I wouldn't have a blog to write if it would have been that easy!!! You see, I'm writing this blog 4MONTHS after having bought my house. I haven't had a spare second since I have. At least, that's what it feels like. I'VE HAD A ROLLERCOASTER OF A RIDE to say the least. Here is my story.

(Stay tuned for my next blog)


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