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Aylmer is a former city in QuebecCanada. It became a sector of the City ofGatineau on January 1, 2002. Located on the Ottawa River and Route 148 it is a part of the National Capital Region. The population in 2011 was 55,113.[1] It is named after Lord Aylmer, who was a Governor General of British North America and a Lieutenant Governor of Lower Canada from 1830 to 1835.

It bills itself as the "Recreation Capital of the National Capital", given its many golf courses, green spaces, spasmarina and bicycle paths. There is little industry in the sector, the area being mainly residential. Virtually all the major shops, services and restaurants are located along Chemin d'Aylmer. The sector's indoor swimming pool and skateboard park are also located on that road. Century 21 Mulit-Services 

Aylmer's population is about 30% anglophone ; 61% francophone[citation needed]and 9% other  ; much of its workforce commutes across the river to Ottawa.

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