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Blue Sea Lake - Lac Blue Sea

Blue Sea Lake (in French: Lac Blue Sea) lies about  (90 km/56 mi) north of Ottawa/Gatineau.It is known for its crystal clear water and is surrounded by cottages on its shores and islands.                   Aerial vue - Blue Sea Lake

The blue waters of Blue Sea Lake, together with its dimensions and the absence of significant relief around, create the illusion of a sea. Just over 10 kilometers (6 mi) to the west, in Cayamant,  is another, somewhat smaller lake called Lac de la Mer Bleue, which also means "Blue Sea Lake". To differentiate these lakes from each other, the English name is used for the larger one, even in French.

The town of Blue Sea is in the centre of what is known as the Upper Gatineau region and is surrounded by a number of other lakes, rivers, ponds, and wetlands — and true wilderness areas.

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