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Land settlement of Lac-des-Loups,  formerly name Wolf lake located in the northwest township of Masham, was undertaken by a few families of Irish immigrants in the 1840s. These families have crossed the mountain of Gatineau to find fertile lands. Indeed, the lands bordering the Ottawa River were already overcrowded, most ambitious families went to the unknown in hopes of finding a better life. The 1861 censuses counted so many families, all Irish, established north of the Township of Onslow near Lac des Loups. These families have all worked in harsh conditions to make the environment habitable. Only between 1860 and 1890 that the French-speaking families began to settle, too, on the virgin lands at Lac-des-Loups. The route 366, which leads today at Lac-des-Loups was once a simple path by which the settlers took to town, a round trip of more than ten hours! The village  at Lac des Loups consisted of a chapel, a community center and later a church is set in the same location as the present community center of the village. The population of this village has long lived by agriculture, hunting and fishing were activities that enriched the menus. The population of Lac-des-Loups has always been very welcoming and very sociable. In this remote corner, people are given a vibrant and enriching life. The current road to the village remains the same as before, a winding road surrounded by coniferous forests, mountains overlooking this beautiful lake around which an entire community lives for over a hundred years!

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