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Otter Lake

Otter Lake is part of the Pontiac Regional County Municipality. It was known as Leslie-Clapham-et-Huddersfield until 2004.  It is easily accessed via Hwy 303 from  Shawville or via Hwy 301 from Campbell’s Bay to the west and Kazabazua to the east.

The village of Otter Lake is surrounded by 4 major lakes:  Hughes Lake to the west, Lac de la Ferme (Farm Lake) to the east, McCuaig Lake to the south, and Lac à la Loutre (Otter Lake) to the north.   These are very popular cottaging areas for National Capital Region residents.  Hughes Lake

The gently rolling hills and the pine forests mixed with maple trees are a stunning landscape in autumn.  

To the north is a wilderness area that is well-known to hunters and fishermen as well as 4-wheel biking and ski-doo enthusiasts. 

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