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Pontiac MRC is located in the western part of Quebec’s Outaouais area. Its vast territory includes 18 municipalities spread over 4,178 km2 and an unorganized territory of 9,670 km2.   The main city centers include Campbell’s Bay, Fort-Coulonge and Shawville.  There are also 15 other smaller villages within its boundaries: Alleyn-et-Cawood; Bristol; Bryson; Chichester; Clarendon; Grand-Calumet; Otter Lake; L’Isle-aux-Allumettes; Litchfield; Mansfield-et-Pontefract; Portage-du-Fort; Rapides-des-Joachims; Sheenboro; Thorne and  Waltham.   Eardley Escarpment - Ottawa River - Pontiac

The historical development of the Outaouais has often found its origin in the Pontiac. It is within the Pontiac where the oldest traces of human artefacts were discovered, shortly after the retreat of the Champlain Sea.  This beautiful valley is bounded by the Champlain Escarpment to the east and the Ottawa River to the west. 

Colonized by the English, Irish, Scots, Germans, Poles and French, the Pontiac is a true cultural mosaic and has a very attractive architectural and natural heritage. Agricultural land, dams, mines, all testify to the community’s use of natural resources.  The Clarendon area was the first surveyed for agriculture.  Today, agricultural continues to play a vital part in its makeup and the residents take great pride in the high quality horses and cattle that are raised here.

Pontiac farm

Tourism is also attracting  growing numbers of vacationers from all over the world.  Its rivers (including the imposing Ottawa), 4,000 lakes, varied and abundant wildlife together form a lively, colourful and unforgettable portrait.

If you are thinking of moving here or just coming for a visit, please see:   www.mrcpontiac.qc.ca  or   www.tourisme-pontiac.com

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