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Grand Lake

Grand Lake cottage Grand Lake is one of the largest and most sought-after lakes in the Outaouais region.  About  4 km long x 1 km wide, it covers an area of about 377 hectares and is mainly spring-fed. The lake consists of four main bays, two in the south, two in the north. The main section of the lake is where it has its deepest point, 38 metres, which is slightly deeper than significantly larger Lake Winnipeg. There are many islands in Lac Grand, the largest being Ile-Des-Peres in the southwest bay. Lac Grand has two inflows, including a stream from Lac McArthur and a narrow section of water from Lac Vert. Lac Grand's only outflow is through the narrows into Lac Dam.

There are many magnificent cottages and permanent homes along its shores.   There is an active property owners’ association (  and it is a member of The Federation of Lakes of Val-des-Monts (

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